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May 31, 2016

 After searching through the web for fashion clothing, I begin to realize, there are so many choices! The biggest choice I have to consider is –What are there advantages to shopping online as opposed to driving to the Big Box retailer. After careful consideration, I came to the realization that there are advantages of shopping online:

Time- Physically getting in your car and driving to the nearest mall or department store takes time. You have probably spent close to twenty minutes or more before you have even reached the rack (double that for the drive back) and you can see where your lunch break went..
Variety-after forty minutes of searching through racks you can’t find your size, ultimate bummer. If you are lucky enough to find your size in the style you want, due to it being a retail chain, you are certain to see quite a few of your friends or colleagues in something very similar. Leaving you with no certain style of your own..
Customer Service-After searching through the racks you find an item or two  that you really like.  After a 15 minute wait in line, to check out with the cashier who can't even say hello, you are on your way to your next errand. Which by you now don't feel like doing, because you just realized you spent over 2 hours picking out one top..
Money-gas hasn't gotten any cheaper over the years, and again, time is money. Also, online browsing allows you to compare prices quickly, saving you money. So why not spend your time and money on something you really enjoy, wearing that outfit in public and showing off your stuff!

    Morgan Le Faye LLC, is based in Ohio. We offer excellent customer service. We ship throughout the US and offer financing if needed. Our store is open 24/7 365 days a year. Our chat applet is available for any questions or concerns. We do have a return policy and we do not charge for shipping if the minimum order requirements are met. Happy Online Shopping!



    Alicia & the entire team at Morgan Le Faye LLC

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