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Bebe Rexha and Ariana Grande 2018  


September 5, 2018


2018 the year of successful artists who released hits such as Bebe Rexha with her hit Meant to be featuring Florida Georgia Line which was in her EP All your fault part 2 and her first full Expectations. We cannot forget the most iconic album by Ariana Grande known as Sweetener with her big hit God is a woman.

Bebe Rexha an Albanian american who was born in Brooklyn who moved to Staten Island young loved music. Music was her passion and her dream to become an artist. At first she was a songwriter and participated in a project known as Black Cards with Pete Wentz. That group fell out and she became a solo artist. The song The Monster which was a top hit by Eminem and Rihanna she actually wrote that song herself. Other well known hits are Take me Home staring Cash Cash and Me Myself and I  GEazy which also featured Bebe Rexha.


Later on as a solo singer she made 3 Eps I don’t wanna Grow up, All your Fault part 1,  All your fault part 2 and Expectations. As time as a solo artist her song Meant To Be a country crossover won many music awards in 2018. Now her hit single I’m a Mess embracing your imperfections is a perfect example of how relatable her music could be to the humans ear.

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton Florida. Ariana was trained and performed in Broadway type shows and later was in hit TV show in nickelodeon known as Victorious. As she grew older she had made 4 albums her first one was made 5 years ago which is Yours Truly, My Everything, Dangerous Woman, and her latest Sweetener which made number 1 towards the end of August.


These successful ladies is the voice of pop in the year of 2018 I would like to know in the comments below who’s your favorite artist and songs. There will be a continuation about their VMA’S outfits which wasn't long ago.

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