August 15 2019 


Q: how long have you’ve been in the modeling industry and where did you start?
A: I actually just started officially about a month ago and had my first photo shoot. I modeled couture wedding dresses by the incredibly talented designer Rawan Asad with the company Elite Pour La Vie for Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine(NEOWM). I have been Invited to also walk my first runway show for the same company this fall. 

Q: Have you always wanted to be a model?
A: Yes. I know it sounds cliche but I’ve dreamed about it since I was a little girl. What’s even more perfect about being able to have modeled for the first time was how it happened. I was interning as just your ordinary marketing strategist for NEOWM and my boss told me to audition for the shoot because she thought I had a shot. And I did! I’ve always loved the idea of being in the entertainment industry and fashion industry. I’ve always wanted to be famous actually. In fact, I’ve been called a Paris Hilton look alike about 30 times no exaggeration. 
Q: Who were some of your modeling influences?
A: Candice Swanepoel has always been and always will be my number one influence.
Q: what are some of your latest fashion collaborations?
A: I have been brand ambassadors, stylists, and marketeers, for Victoria’s Secret PINK, NEOWM, and Yellowcake Shop and now Morgan Le Faye LLC  ( 
Q: What is your fashion style and what influenced you that way?
A: honestly, I do have a wide range but I definitely like preppy and what I call a “classy chic” style. All my fashion influence came from the character Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. I love Kate spade, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors etc.

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