Dreams can become reality 

November 11, 2018

Working in the entertainment industry(music) can be very challenging yet rewarding. ALEDream is a very talented lady discusses how she overcame challenges and limitations to pursue her dreams. She has a inspiring story that we hope you can draw inspiration from. 
 Q). How long have you been in the entertainment business and where did you start?
A). Well when I was younger I had a speech impediment and I started singing at the age of 5. The first song I ever sang was "I believe I can Fly" by R.Kelly. I would sing in school plays and perform in glee club from 3rd to until my late teens. I also participated in many performances in my hometown including restaurants and churches.
Q). Tell us about  Aledream, what does it stand for  what does it mean?
A). At first when I started singing, I was known as "Drea" a nickname for Andrea. However it was hard to have that name and unique because there are several artist who went by the name Drea.  My mom would always say I dream. I was like that’s perfect . I added the M to Drea make it Dream. The ALE are initials to my full name. My dreams become reality.
Q). What were your some of your early musical influences?
A).  I was inspired by Britney Spears Lady Gaga Spice Girls and Whitney Houston. These ladies have strong voices and have a love for pop music. 
Q).Tell me about the latest musical projects or collaborations?
A). The musical projects well I broadcast on several apps such as LIVEME and now I am the newest Gamer/Talent host on an app called Uplive which is basically your phone is the way to broadcast and talk to people around the world. Thanks to that app I met many other talents I even interviews a talent for my new project. "Let your voice be heard" which is in a pause for the moment because of all the activities I’m participating in right now. The music recorded is by a independent company run by my Pastor / family friend Jeremías Antonetty which is known as LPM Productions he’s the one that made my songs come to life this years. Yet my older songs were made in a studio in Manhattan.
Q).Can you tell me about your fashion styles and how that’s influenced your music?
A).  When it comes to fashion, I wear anything. When it comes to performances I love short dresses or nice bright colors to show my personality and what my music.The colors have to be loud. I wear black someways because everyone looks good in black.
Q).  What are some of your favorite games?
A).  My all time favorite video games are Games with stories such as "Zelda Ocarnia of Time. Life is Strange series is amazing, don’t forget Mario Mamamia!
Q). Tell our viewers about your favorite foods and who has the best pizza in Staten Island.
A). I love pizza. The best pizza is actually in Brooklyn but I found this pizza spot not far from me called Dominico's. My moms homemade Spanish food is amazing and to die for ! I love junk food like White Castle and McDonald's
Q). How can our followers find you on IG?
A).My instagram is easy I actually have two one for my photography (which I need to be active again is @aledreamphotography
And my main Instagram is @aledream_
My music is on ,iTunes, Googleplay,
Amazon MP3 
You can also stream on Apple Music, Iheartradio and spotify
Search Drea Hey There, and fighting for your love 
ALEDream let me be and honestly 
All my tracks are 99 cents.
I also have SoundCloud search ALEDream
Where I post several of my performances 
My Facebook page like and Follow CallherDrea
Which I have an event calendar with event scheduled
and my twitter @aledream__
just Google ALEDream you’re bound to find me

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