Gamer Chick Aledream

Fashion and accessories used to enhance style from a gamer chick.

August 8, 2018


Hello my name is Andrea  also known as ALEDream. I'm 26 years old from New York City. As a youth, I have had  many hobbies such as watching movies, playing video games, singing, and writing poetry. As a teenager I was blessed with opportunities to model. I am also musician and currently I’m working on my youtube channel.

Fashion is everywhere around us! We see it on TV, Internet, magazines, music and movies. But how does gamers get involved in fashion? The keywords are  accessories and trendy clothing. As a gamer you need stuff to make your atmosphere cool and welcoming for your viewers. Some common fashion accessories are  earrings, bracelets, sunglasses and necklaces. Accessories enhances beauty as it tells a story. For example: I’m wearing a mid length red dress. I wouldn't want to wear a red necklace but a black one with the dress so it will be noticed. If you wear a red necklace it wouldn’t be as noticeable because the dress is overpowering. Simplicity is the key and knowing what is the best accessory  to wear while gaming will help you be fashionably fabulous.

Until Next Time Stay Fabulous!


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