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October 9, 2016

Ever wondered if you could wear the look of leather? Here at Morgan Le Faye we believe that you can and you should, if it is Faux Leather. The look of leather is a style that can be worn by more than the rock star of the 80's. It is sexy and stylish, and if it is Faux Leather, it has these added benefits over real leather:

  • More Affordable-Faux leather is usually much more affordable than a similar piece made from real leather. Compare some of our pieces with leather pieces at popular retailers.
  • Consistent in Color-Faux leather holds the color of the piece over time. It does not fade or crack, making it a piece that can be worn throughout the years.
  • More Environmental-Faux leather is from man made materials. Therefore, no animals are harmed, making you compassionate and sytlish.
  • Looks Like Real Leather-Most people cannot tell the difference between real and faux leather. However, if you happen to be confronted, cite the above reasons for your preference and walk away with a smile.

Please take a minute and check out our Faux Leather styles. As always, we appreciate you, our customer, and make all attempts to find looks that you like.

Best Wishes, 

Bethany, Rick and Everyone at Morgan Le Faye

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