A fighter, mother and a model


September 16, 2018


 My life's work is being a wife and mother, having a career as a beautician/nail tech, and competitive boxing. My life's dream is to become a model and to make it in the modeling world to provide a better life for my family.

 I have had to work hard to earn the many titles that make me the person I am today. "For others to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself." A simple yet powerful motto, which I strive to live by because the most important people are watching me, my husband and children. All of my endeavors are for them.

Over the course of the past nine years I have been working for others, for myself, and raising my family. Challenges were plentiful, and I had to figure out how to manage through each situation. One of the hardest challenges I faced was going through a divorce. It brought my confidence to an all-time low. At one point, I nearly lost my job because the situation was breaking me as a person and my spirit.

My friends and coworkers were the ones to help me regain my confidence and start anew. They took me shopping for a new wardrobe, and little by little it started to change me, giving me new found confidence that I didn't have before. Then an amazing thing happened-I met a great man who asked me to be his wife. I said “I do” and started a new family. Along this new path, I found the sport of boxing, and it became a new passion in my life. Just like the people around me, it gave me strength and confidence.

  Most would describe me as a hard worker. I see my work ethic as a means to achieving what I want for me and my family. Working as hard as I do led me to become employee of the year at my job and a two time lightweight tough woman champion.

I have become a person that sets goals and does not let circumstances stand in my way. I didn't have a car for nearly a year, so I ran back and forth to work 4.5 miles each way. Why, because my family needed me to provide for them. I recently pursued my cosmetology license for the state of Kentucky and took a second job to help my husband support our family.  

My newest goal is to become a model. I am finally at a point in my life where I have the confidence to pursue this dream. Great friends and family have pushed me to be where I am, but ultimately it comes down to me, and the work that I am willing to put in for this goal.

Ultimately, modeling is more than wearing nice clothes and looking pretty. It is about being a role model for others. To show that dreams can come true, if you work hard and surround yourself with the right people. You can have success, accomplish your dreams and be a part of a beautiful family.


I'm a model, fighter and also a mother.I'm a model, fighter and also a mother.I'm a model, fighter and also a mother.

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