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October 12, 2016

Active wear has come a long way. I remember the days when you would push up your sweatpants just to show a little leg and perhaps, look as sexy as you possibly could in drab gray sweats. Or how about tying your t-shirt in a side knot to get a little more fit? And then there was the track suit, that although very comfortable, always seemed to look more appropriate on the gym teacher. So, I continue to be amazed when I am out running errands and see women taking care of their business and look great doing it, in of course, active wear! So why choose active wear:

  • Comfort-active wear is made with breathable and stretchy fabric. Allowing you to move effortlessly through your daily routine, staying cool and comfortable.
  • Style-Active wear comes in a variety of styles and colors allowing you to show off your individuality.
  • Health-research shows that wearing active wear makes you more likely to take time to work out.

So when you get that last minute call from a friend to join you at the gym or have a few extra minutes in your busy schedule, you are already ready to move those muscles. Why not look good doing it?

Health and Happiness,

Bethany, Rick and the Morgan Le Faye Team

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